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candela yag laser hair removal 755nm and 1064nm for sale

Therapy: Alexandrite Laser
Function: Permanent hair removal, pigmented lesions removal, skin rejuvenation
Certification: CE
Warranty: 3 years
Customized service: OEM, ODM, LOGO

  • BM211
  • Bomeitong

1.Technology: alexandrite laser

2. Wavelength: 755nm &1064nm

3. Features: Suitable for all hair and skin colors

                   Removal of epidermal pigmented lesions, such as sun-damaged skin, age spots, freckles

                   Elimination of vascular anomalies, such as facial veins and hemangiomas

4. Energy: fluence range up to 150J/cm2

5. Pulse duration: 3-100 ms

6. Frequency: repetition up to 2 HZ

7. Spot size(mm): 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 15mm 18mm (diameter)

The alexandrite laser produces a specific wavelength of light in the infrared spectrum (755 nm). It is considered a red light laser. Alexandrite lasers are also available in the Q-switched mode. Q-switching refers to the technique of making the laser produce a high-intensity beam in very short pulses.

The amazing results of Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal Machine

As we all know, the ALEXANDRITE LASER machine is the gold standard of hair removal, it is much better and effective than such as OPT,IPL even diode laser,do one treatment ALEXANDRITE LASER,equal to 4-5 times IPL or OPT and 2-3 times diode laser, and the ALEXANDRITE LASER only once can remove the hair permanently.

Alexandrite Laser treatment area

Alexandrite Laser 755nm Hair Removal Machine for Sale BM211

Alex laser machine is effective for:

- all colors of hair whether it is gold, white or black hair, it can completely remove hair without any side effects. 

-In addition to the hair removal function, this machine also has skin rejuvenation,remove pigment and red blood.

Alexandrite laser advantages

Here would like to provide you more detailed information, please check:

-- USA imported laser rod and fiber to make sure the best energy and high conduct rate.

-- A high-pressure lamp imported from the UK can continue working for 2,000,000 shots.

-- Together with a Japan imported 4000W power supply to ensure the long working time.


For now, this machine has high technology and professional treatment has been highly recognized by the global market.

Alexandrite laser display

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