Beauty Equipment Supplier One-Stop Solution
Make Newangie your beauty equipment company of choice! As one of the best beauty equipment manufacturers in China, we have 16+ years of expertise and a dedicated R&D team that guarantees fast and reliable production of custom beauty equipment tailored to your needs.
Four machine types - to meet your different needs and get an excellent return on investment
Market Exclusive Models
Innovative Technology: These models feature the latest advancements in beauty and medical technology, setting them apart from competitors.

Cutting-Edge Design: Unique, aesthetically pleasing designs that enhance the overall look and feel of your clinic or salon.

Brand Differentiation: Elevate your brand by offering unique, high-end equipment.

Premium Support: Receive priority customer support and maintenance services.
Distributor Special Models
- Tailored Solutions: Specifically designed to meet the needs of our distributors, ensuring ease of sale and high customer satisfaction.

- Competitive Pricing: Attractive pricing models that allow for significant profit margins.

- Exclusive Features: Incorporates features requested by our top distributors to address common market demands.

- Robust and Reliable: Built to withstand heavy use, ensuring long-term reliability and low maintenance costs.
ODM/OEM Models
Customization: Fully customizable to meet your specific brand requirements and specifications.

Exclusive Branding: Opportunity to brand the machines with your logo and design elements.

Flexible Production: Ability to adjust production volumes based on your market needs.

Innovative Designs: Collaboration with our R&D team to create unique, market-leading products.