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  • Solutions for Pain Relief-pulsed electromagnetic energy

    During the treatment, the magnetic field penetrates the body reaching its every cell, where, by acting on the structure of cell membranes, it supports cell repair processes, facilitating the penetration of oxygen and nutrients into its interior.How does magnetotherapy help patients? Magnetoherapy ha

  • Pulse Electromagnetic Therapy in Physiotherapy

    Pulse electromagnetic therapy is a non-invasive, safe technology that uses magnetic energy to recharge your body. Considered “energy medicine,” Pulse electromagnetic therapy devices direct pulsed energy waves toward damaged or injured areas of a patient’s body. Essentially, electromagnetic therapy devices send these energy waves into your body’s natural magnetic field and ultimately increases the motion of electrolytes and ions that exist in your body’s tissues and fluids.

  • Start Your Own Business - Join magnetotherapy in physiotherapy

    What magnetic therapy is and what benefitsWhat is magnetotherapy? Magnetotherapy is a physical medicine procedure that allows treatment with the application of magnetic field. This method uses the positive effects of low-frequency alternating magnetic field on the body. Unlike magnetostimulation, it

  • EMTT Pulse Extracorporeal Magnetic Transduction Therapy

    EMTT Pulse Extracorporeal Magnetic Transduction TherapyEMTT is the abbreviationg of Extracorporeal Magnetic Transduction Therapy or Extracorporeal Magneto transduction Therapy, it can cause positive biological effects. Every cell undergoes chemical reactions that drive metabolism. The prerequisite

  • How much does pulsed electromagnetic field therapy cost

    Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy CostThere’s no standard rate for pulsed electromagnetic. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy costs depend on several different factors. However, Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is an affordable way to promote healing and recovery, prevent injury, and mainta

  • How Much Does average cost of tattoo removal?

    Plenty of people have a least a little bit of ink that they don’t want on their bodies any longer. But they are concerned about the average cost of tattoo removalLaser Tattoo Removal CostFor laser treatment for tattoo removal, although the amount that it will

  • What Should I Think About Before Tattoo Removal Treatment

    Do you want to remove your tattoo without going through the frustration of limited results? Then, Tattoo can be removed by pico laser treatment. Due to the laser’s technology and its versatility for removing various tattoo colors,

  • Is it possible to get rid of tattoo?

    Nearly one in five Americans regret getting a tattoo! At our state-of-the-art medical spa, we can help permanent eyebrow removal laser permanent makeup removal melasma full tattoo removal get rid of tattoo with the state-of-the-art PicoSure laser system, which offers more effective ink removal with

  • About body composition measurement

    About body composition measurementBIA (bioimpedance analysis scale)helps to distinguish how body fat, muscles, and body water are distributed in your body tissues, it is widely used to determine your body composition.When there is too much fat in relation to lean body mass,

  • How much is lifting hifu facial treatment cost?

    About HIFU , you many have heard of different names , like tratamiento hifu facial, hifu facial 7d, tecnica hifu facial, mini hifu facial, aparato hifu facial.Is it safe and effective? ultherapy how long does it last? for face cost:About hifu facial treatment cost or hifu facial cost, these questio

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