beauty machines

beauty machines
beauty machines
Unlock Timeless Beauty with Our 15 Years of Expertise! Dive into Luxury with Exclusive Deals this Christmas – Elevate Your Beauty Business with Cutting-edge Beauty Devices. Unleash Radiance, Embrace Confidence. Limited Time, Unbeatable Prices!
We currently offer the following promotions in Newangie:
6 IN 1 12D HIFU Machine
- Treatment handles: 6 pcs
• HIFU handle(Single line+Multi-line) : can treatment on face neck and arm
• 360 HIFU handle: can treatment on small areas such as eye round and nose round
• Liposonix handle: work on body, fat loss and body slimming
• Vaginal HIFU handle: Vaginal tightening and lifting
• Fractional RF handle:
• DEP handle: help the beauty products into the skin more effectively
- Cartridges: 14 pcs
Motor: Japan motor
Screen: 15 inch color touching screen
Operate mode: Auto and manual
Event promotion, $400 off
ICE HIFU Machine
- Treatment handles: 5 pcs
Ice hifu cartridge: 2.0 3.0 4.5 13.0 (standard) (optional: 1.5 6.0 8.0 10.0 16.0)

vagina hifu cartridge: 3.0 4.5 Standard

Vmax hifu cartridge: for face 1.5 3.0 4.5 standard (optional with chest launcher: 4.5 8.013.0

Lipo hifu cartridge: 0.8 1.3 standard (optional: 0.6 1.0 1.6)

Single hifu cartridge: 1.5 3.0 4.5 standard (optional: 8.0 13.0)
2. The introduction of innovative semiconductor freezing point, technology that provides excellent safety and skin cooling protection.

3. One shot fires 2 and 4 points at the same time, and the efficiency is increased by 2-4 times.
Event promotion, $450 off
Velashape machine
This state-of-the-art device utilizes a patented mechanized roller and suction system with vacuum negative pressure to roll, suck, knead, pinch, bounce, etc. mechanically

▶ Improve skin texture and reduce the overall volume of the treated area
▶ Stimulates lymphatic and blood circulation
▶ Reduces viscosity of fat cell clusters
▶ Promotes vasodilation and extravasation of oxygen and nutrients
▶ Vacuum roller massage

This non-surgical solution stimulates deep tissue, activating fat release and firming the skin, leaving your clients feeling rejuvenated and confident.
Event promotion, $550 off
360° cryolipolysis Machine
handles: 5 in 1 cryo handles
1 Large handle: treat area --- for belly, back & buttock
2 Medium handle: treat area --- for waist & thigh
1 Small handle treat area --- for thigh, arms & crus
1 Mini Cryo handle (4cm*7.6cm) --- for arm & double chin

Function: Double chin removal, Body slimming,Body shaping,Weight loss,Fat burning
advantages: four handles work at the same time
handles: 5 in 1 cryo handles
Handle with 360-degree full coverage treatment area is larger than traditional handles, Effect increased by 160%
Event promotion, $600 off
6 in 1 fat freezing machine
1. 6 different sizes handle cups – perfect for whole-body fat freezing treatment,

2. Function: Double chin removal, Body slimming,Body shaping,Weight loss,Fat burning

3. The 4 handles and double heads can work simultaneously or independently, which is convenient and quick, and saves treatment time.

4.Preheating temperature can reach 47℃, cooling temperature after 3 minutes can reach -11℃, Excellent temperature control brings you better treatment results and customer satisfaction

5. Permanently destroys fat cells, Proven results that last, No downtime, No recovery period
Event promotion, $600 off
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