Big power 4 IN 1 
Super Pico Laser Machine 
1.  Latest technology + exclusive OEM appearance
2. Three treatment modes: Dual-pulse, Multi-Pulse, Long Pulse are perfect for all complicated types of pigmentation and tattoo /hair removal.
3. Various treatment probes optional: 1064 nm,532 nm,755nm, 650 nm, 585 nm
4. Great powerful energy: 6ns short pulse width and 1200mj ultra-high single pulse energy, you can delight your customers with faster treatments and shorter sessions.
5.  “Flat-top” mode, uniform energy density: energy can be delivered efficiently to the treatment area, maximizing the effect and minimizing damage to surrounding tissues.
6. Fast treatment, only 1~3 times to remove the tattoo altogether, but the traditional laser needs 5~6 times.
Our laser VS Traditional laser