Diode Laser Hair Machine Professional BM051

Function: Permanent hair removal
Wavelength: 808nm 755nm 940nm 1064nm
Watts: 1800W
Spot Sizes: 12x12,12x24,12x36
Laser Bar: 1000000000 times long life span
Certification: CE ISO FDA
Warranty: 1 year
Customized service: OEM, ODM, LOGO
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Diode Laser Hair Machine Professional BM051

Our diode laser hair machine uses a FL (FOCUS LIGHT brand) laser. has the following selling points:

1. Extra long service life: Generally other laser machines on the market have 2,000,000 shots and the warranty for the handle is 6 months

But for this machine I suggest that the shots have no limits, now we have tested more than 400 million shots and they are still shooting and we directly give 2 years warranty for the grip

2.High effective energy: 

30% duty cycle + high energy

This machine 1800W = other machines on the market 3000W

Our duty cycle can reach 30%. Currently, the duty cycle of other hair removal machines on the market can only reach 10%-15%.

3.High beam quality-limo beam shaping technology: the light is emitted in parallel, the light spots will not diverge (the light coming out is square), the energy loss is small, the skin penetrates deeper and reaches the hair follicles directly

4.High power and narrow pulse width, better therapeutic effect and high comfort.

Diode Laser Hair Machine Professional BM051Diode Laser Hair Machine Professional BM051

Handle: with screen, parameters can be adjusted;

3 (12x12, 12x24, 12x36, nose hair head optional) replaceable light spots, magnetic working head, not easy to fall.

Diode Laser Hair Machine Professional BM051Diode Laser Hair Machine Professional BM051


Our TEC cooling system combined with the radiator ensures that the water temperature remains between 20-30 degrees Celsius, ensuring long-term effective use of the machine, benefiting customers by delivering effective hair removal treatments without overheating or performance issues

Water circulation: 3L injection molded water tank, high temperature resistant, Additionally, we use high-standard filters and a high-quality German-imported diaphragm pump for optimal water circulation.

One of the most advanced features of our laser hair machines is an advanced warning system. This system includes alerts for water temperature, water levels, water flow rates, and handle temperatures. These warnings ensure that users are using the machine correctly and safely, while also prolonging the life of the machine. so high-end beauty salons can use the machines for years to come without concerns about equipment failure.


Laser Wavelength



Coherent bars

Laser Power

1800W (Peak Power)

Operation Interface

15.6’ screen

Electrical Power


Pulse Frequency


Energy Density


Packing Size

68*51*121 cm

Gross Weight 84 KG

Diode Laser Hair Machine Professional BM051

Diode Laser Hair Machine Professional BM051