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All laser devices are CE certified for safe and effective tattoo removal
  • We are a manufacture of high end laser machines: OEM&ODM Available
  • We provide affordable professional laser equipments Two types for option: Nd-Yag Laser and Pico laser
  • One machine can achieve non-invasive, safe, efficient and fast tattoo removal and skin rejuvenation
  • Detailed user manual in your language , videos guidance step by step , on-line training , helping you use our equipments well and make more profits
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Exclusive super 4 in 1 pico PTP laser machine
Technology: Q-switched, double pulse, long pulse, skin rejuvenation
Function: tattoo removal, anti-wrinkle and skin rejuvenation, treatment of hemangioma, red blood streak, Cure acne scars and pores missing , etc.

Wave length: 1064nm/532nm/755nm standard,Optional 1320nm&585nm&650nm

More advantages:
Safety: The laser has stable performance and long service life; 1064 energy is up to 1.2J. Intelligent microprocessing is used for real-time control, and the interface monitors water temperature and water flow in real time.

Efficient: Brand-new Q trigger technology realizes switching between Single Pulse, Double Pulse and Long Pulse functions.

Long life: high-lift DC water pump (11 meters), high-speed water pump works continuously for 4-8 hours

Good quality: 
  • imported ceramic gun core, high power and 10HZ fast use guaranteed
  • Laser power supply 2000W,
  • Laser power IGBT can withstand 1400A current, 8 capacitors
  • Light guide arm imported from South Korea, Japanese energy storage capacitor
  • Water and electricity separation design of the whole machine
  • Induction furnace laser rod: high cost, good technology, high purity, long life, high energy