Best laser tattoo removal machine for sale
All laser devices are CE certified for safe and effective tattoo removal
  • Bomeitong is a manufacturer of high-quality laser machines, providing you with affordable laser equipment
  • There are two types for you to choose: nd:yag laser and pico laser
  • We offer laser tattoo removal video guidance and a user manual
More than just a tattoo removal device
In addition to tattoo removal, the PicoLazer may also be used to revitalize skin and treat other benign skin conditions and discoloration including acne scars, freckles, sun spots, and pigmented lesions.
Advanced technology
The PicoLazer machine offers high performance speed and comfort, and operates off a standard wall plug (110vac).
Non-Thermal laser tattoo removal
PicoLazer energy is “non-thermal” and is delivered using a photo-mechanical effect with high peak power. This allows the ultra short pulse durations to shatter ink pigments without causing thermal damage.