Market-leading new technology
Android Screen Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine
What Makes Us Different: Unparalleled Performance
All of our laser machines have passed FDA/CE/ISO
1. Android system, online upgrade, permanent latest system
2. 755nm 808nm 1064nm, ensure efficient and effective hair removal for various skin types and hair colors
3. 1200W/1500W/2000W 3000W (customizable) laser ensures hair removal effect
4. Replaceable size 15*15mm / 15*20mm/ 15*30mm/ 15*40mm, suitable for smaller and larger areas;
ODM/OEM customized laser equipment manufacturer since 2008
Diode laser hair removal machine advantages:

1. perfect cooling system— the sapphire temperature cools down 0~3°C, clients feel comfortable and painless during the whole treatment;

2. Longer service life: using USA coherent company laser bar.

3.high-performance water pump from Germany

4, Excellent Heat Dissipation
Exclusive TEC smart cooling system—-Size is smaller, bigger power, lower noise, better cooling system, can continuously work for 24 hours.

5.Power supply upgrade: if the target bar is broken, it can still emit light without affecting the use