1. Intelligent android system- online upgrade, permanent latest system, Customer management system intelligent storage
The performance of the laser is stable, and the laser guarantees 1 million effective light outputs
The hand tool has a blower cooling function, less painand a minimum temperature of 5°C.

3. Efficient: 
2-8nm uniform spot density, Less bleeding, less pain, high quality, short time, no scar, less recurrence
  • Item ND:YAG laser machine
    Laser wavelength 1064nm, 532nm,1320nm and 755nm(Optional)
    Power 500W
    Screen 13.3" OGS Android screen
    Energy 10~2000mj
    Frequency 1~10Hz
    Spot Size 2~8mm
    Laser Bars size Φ5mm/Φ6mm/Φ7mm (Optional)
    Cooling Power 15W
    Cooling Temperature 5℃
    Input Voltage AC220V,50Hz/ AC110V,60Hz
    Machine Size 50*48*30cm
    N.W. 20KG