Zerona Emerald Laser Machine
offers critical advancements to your clinic in the fight against fat
What Is Zerona 6D Lipo Laser?
How it Helps Transform the Body
The Zerona laser is a non-invasive cold laser for fat loss. it can be used on nearly any area of the body that needs additional slimming, including the torso, back, legs, arms, buttocks, hips, neck and chin.
The “After” You’ve Been Searching For
Remove your layer of stubborn fat to reveal a more defined, more confident version of yourself
For Medical Professionals Zerona Emerald laser Machine
Suitable for all kinds of skin No invasive, no side effects and painless.
Color touch screen with clear treatment parameters, friendly operation
6 independent laser diodes output green laser
which is convenient for treating stubborn fat areas on the client's body
New upgrade green light
produces 23% more energy than our red lasers
Lose Inches, Gain Confidence
Energy : The Zerona Emerald 6d lipo laser laser diode output is also twice as strong as the ordinary lipo laser

Effect: The ordinary lipo laser can remove anywhere from an inch to 4 inches of fat if treating the abdomen,6d lipo laser can remove fat Lose 6 Inches in 6 Treatments!

Treatment area:Ordinary lipo laser treats an area, Zerona is capable of treating not only more than 1 area but your whole entire body
View ROI
Will be the most profitable beauty project in the beauty industry
Selling a zerona laser machine would be an absolutely lucrative purchase that is absolutely worth the money!

However, you will be able to recover the full cost with a program that offers 10-15 sessions. With such a profit, this beauty tool is completely irreplaceable in any clinic or salon. As a popular utility, it will serve your clients well and will help you increase your clients without spending a lot of money and with a little effort.
Why choose Bomeitong zerona laser equipment?
  • Compared with traditional liposuction to lose weight, the advantages of laser liposuction to lose weight are mainly as follows:
    1. No surgery, no scars, and you can go home on the day of the operation.
    2. Uniform liposuction effect.
    3. It has a better effect on sagging skin and cellulite fat, compared to traditional liposuction.
    4. During laser liposuction, blood vessels can be coagulated, so blood will flow out, so it is not easy to lose blood or form a hematoma.
    5. The 4 Cryo pads and 4 mode EMS can achieve a better result than the normal laser slimming machine.
  • For you, the operator, there is far less maintenance and the equipment is simple to move, durable and easy to use.

    In addition to your investment in zerona machines, you'll also receive warranty, free training, free shipping and our seamless customer service. Ask our qualified consultants about machines, maintenance and discounts available. Our user-friendly website has many customer reviews, you are welcome to read them and ask for advice if needed. If you decide to become a customer and let us help you grow your business, we would also appreciate your comments.

    You are also always welcome to come and see a mockup in the showroom.
  • zerona laser equipment is completely safe. It is a safe and effective non-invasive treatment option for fat loss and the appearance of cellulite. Due to the low frequency of the laser, there is no possibility of injury, and it is an efficient machine with high precision and high quality. The result of this treatment will be slim and healthy without any harm. Your clients are sure to be satisfied with the results of these procedures and will be eager to visit again.

  • This professional weight loss machine is a beautiful unique helper that will amaze your clients with its excellent work. The machine's smart design and well thought-out structure are very friendly, saving a lot of space and organizing your beauty room the way you want without sacrificing your professional needs as a compromise

    Choose the best laser weight loss equipment and you will be very happy with your choice! It will leave you and your clients completely satisfied with the quality and results of the procedure. There will be no unpleasant feeling during the procedure and no damage to the skin. The results will surprise your clients with the quality and efficiency of the treatment.

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We have received a lot of good feedback and perfect result reviews from our customers. They are satisfied with services, quality and results. Our professional Aesthetician will do the online training for you through video call. Our after sale engineer will guide you to set up the machine online by video call face to face.
What Can the zerona machine do for Doctors?

The zerona laser machine is a professional body sculpting and contouring machine that's not only safe and effective, but it's also easy to operate ,with unattended program

Leaving you free to focus on the other aspects of your business while we help you generate a steady flow of HIGH-QUALITY, HIGH-PAYING Patients EACH AND EVERY SINGLE MONTH...
Like clockwork.
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Factory direct sales, quality assurance
We have mature technology and rich experience for Zerona Emerald laser machine, it rarely has trouble during use
First, all of our machines were produced by our factory, we can control the quality much better, and also offer services in time

Second, Before delivery, we have hundreds of testing items, all machines will be checked and reported, then get packaged, to make sure everything works good after customer received it

Third, The machine instructure is super good, and all accessories we used are the best quality. Such as a power supply box was produced from Taiwan Mingwei.

We offer a 2-years warranty for machine host,6 months warranty for spare parts and lifetime technical support. we have a professional after-sales service department to help you within 24 hours.
More than 100 employees in our office
Can show you the machine in video at any time
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