Designed for Rehabilitation Clinics
3 in 1 EMS Smart tecar shockwave machine
What if you are
* Occupational Therapist
* Osteopath
* Physiotherapist
* Podiatrist
* Sports Rehabilitator
* Sports Therapist
This would be your best bet:
our newest shockwave machine combined the 3 functions in one machine: shockwave therapy + ems therapy + tecar rf therapy. It is more powerful and effective for physical therapy, and rehabilitation.
What are the advantages of extracorporeal shock wave therapy machine
The Non-Surgical Solution to Becoming Pain Free
Simple operation, Any musculoskeletal therapist can operate
Safe and Fast treatment: 20 minutes per session
No anesthesia Non invasive No medication
Fast recovery for your patients Fewer potential complications
Significant clinical benefit: often seen 6 to 8 weeks after treatment
Improving Your Practice, providing professional physiotherapy team therapy training
What is Smar tecar Shockwave Therapy