Portable Shockwave Therapy Machine for Ed Price

Function:pain treatment,plantar fasciitis,heel pain
Certification: CE
Warranty: 3 year
Customized service: OEM, ODM, LOGO
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1. Feature:Treat all joints

2.Theory:pneumatic Shockwave therapy treatment  

3. Power Levels / Energy: 0.1-10Bar

4. voltage:AC100V~240V/47~63Hz

5. Size(cm):52.5X53X95.5 CM(L/W/H)

6.Operating mode:Continuous/4/8/16 pulses

7. Application: Medical use
8. Working head: 5 working head for different joints


Portable shockwave therapy machine for ed is change a pneumatic pulse sound waves transformed into accurate ballistic shock compressed gas to produce energy ,through a physical medium to transmit the human body, it is use the bullet body drive inside the handle to pulse impact site of action on human pain has very good results. Common effects: improved blood circulation and accelerate bone healing and analgesic effects.  

portable shockwave therapy machine for ed for heel pain

portable shockwave therapy machine for ed features

Portable shockwave therapy machine for ed also called Acoustic Wave Therapy Equipment, mainly for physical therapy treatment, sports injury, rehabitation treatment, cellulite reduction and ED treatment.

Shockwave physiotherapy machine diminishes pain by over-stimulating the nerves that send pain sensations to the brain.

portable shockwave therapy machine for ed treatment parts

portable shockwave therapy machine for ed functionportable shockwave therapy machine for ed screen



1. Myofascial trigger point therapy on back and shoulders
2. Thumb basal joint arthritis
3. Sports injury
4. Myofascial trigger points
5. Heel spurs
6. Radial and ulnar epicondylitis, tennis elbow
7. Tendinitis of the shoulder problems
8. Calcific tendinitis of the shoulder
9. Status post muscular injury
10. Patellar tendinitis
11. Plantar fasciitis

12. Erectile dysfunction treatment

portable shockwave therapy machine for edadvantages


1. Powerful&compact design

2. User-friendly interface

3. Small and lightweight

4. Easy to install and use

5. Silent built-in air compressor

6. Durable aluminum handpiece

7.Eliminate surgery.Without hospital treatment, does not affect the normal life.

8.Non-invasive.Does not hurt the normal tissue, only for the disease, especially the necrotic cells play a role.

portable shockwave therapy machine for ed display

portable shockwave therapy machine for ed in factory


Q. What signs indicate this therapy is needed?
A. Shock wave therapy may treat conditions such as degenerated tendons (Achilles tendonitis), heel pain (plantar fasciitis) and tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis).

Q. How Long Does Treatment Last?
A. The therapy session takes about 15 minutes depending on the disorder that is treated. In general, 3-5 sessions are necessary at weekly intervals. The greatest success rate when dealing with problem areas is achieved by following a 12 week treatment program.

Q. When should I avoid this therapy?
A. Complications are infrequent with shock wave therapy. People who have poor sensation (neuropathy) or hypersensitivity in the target area should not have this procedure. Open sores should also be avoided. Shock wave therapy is not used in patients with heart conditions or seizures. It should not be used during pregnancy. This should be discussed with your physician before undergoing the procedure.

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