Picosecond laser tattoo removal machine for sale
All laser devices are CE certified for safe and effective tattoo removal
  • Bomeitong is a manufacturer of high-quality laser machines, providing you with affordable laser equipment
  • There are two types for you to choose: nd:yag laser and pico laser
  • We offer laser tattoo removal video guidance and a user manual
All Color Tattoo Removal
Birthmark Removal
Dermal Piqment Removal
Epidermal Lesions
Carbon Peeling
Skin Whitening
Age Spot Removal
Nevus Spilus Removal
Why Laser tattoo removal is a profitable service?
With the right laser tattoo removal equipment that painlessly and quickly removes unwanted tattoos and dark skin pigments in 15 minutes or less, you can add up to $20,000 per month in profit in less than 6 months. This is a realistic income that aestheticians can make with a reliable professional tattoo removal equipment.
Three wavelengths: 532nm 755nm 1064nm for different skin problems,Safe, permanently
More than just a tattoo removal device
In addition to tattoo removal, the PicoLazer may also be used to revitalize skin and treat other benign skin conditions and discoloration including acne scars, freckles, sun spots, and pigmented lesions.
Advanced technology
The PicoLazer machine offers high performance speed and comfort, and operates off a standard wall plug (110vac).
Non-Thermal laser tattoo removal
PicoLazer energy is “non-thermal” and is delivered using a photo-mechanical effect with high peak power. This allows the ultra short pulse durations to shatter ink pigments without causing thermal damage.
Fast pulses, great results
PicoLazer’s 450-picosecond pulse duration laser technology outperforms nanosecond lasers (also known as Q-switched lasers).
What Are the Benefits That Your Clients Can Get from Laser Tattoo Removal Machines?
Tattoo removal for all Ink Colors
The Q-switched Nd:YAG produces energy in the following wavelengths for Permanent Makeup and Tattoo removal: 1320 nm 1064 nm and 532 nm. With this combination, the pico laser can treat a wide range of tattoo ink colors including black, brown, violet, blue, red, orange, green, and yellow. The pico laser provides ideal wavelengths to eliminate nearly all permanent colors completely. This makes the pico laser a staple laser for any Permanent Makeup and Tattoo removal or laser clinic.
Skin Rejuvenation​
With the 1320 nm hand piece you are able to perform a very popular skin rejuvenation treatment known widely as the black face doll.
Benefits of a  Carbon Peel:
Improves skin tone and texture
Radiant, more youthful looking skin
Smoothes out skin texture
No downtime
Refines fine lines and wrinkles
Safe for almost all skin tones
Produces collagen
No pain or downtime
All Laser Aesthetics Devices are CE Cleared!
Difference between picosure laser and q-switched ND YAG laser
                        ND:yag laser                       Pico laser
Wavelength:  1064nm/532nm/1320nm     1064nm/532nm/1320nm/755nm

Function: tattoo removal                    tattoo removal/skin rejuvenation

Safety: Which Tattoo Removal Is Safer?
All equipment in our factory has passed CE certification and is safe

speed. Which Is The Safest Tattoo Removal Laser?
Picosecond laser tattoo removal is faster and more thorough, with over 30% more ink removal
Health: Which laser is good for my skin?
Picosecond is 1000 times faster than traditional laser equipment, only needs 2.3 treatments, and will not repeatedly irritate the skin
What is the cost of Laser tattoo removal treatment?
Tattoo removal price varies due to the tattoo size and ink type. 3-5 treatments can pay for itself, are you considering adding tattoo removal business to your beauty salon?
Marketing Support Included
OEM//ODM/LOGO/language customization
Market support
Why choose Bomeitong tattoo removal laser equipment?
Stainless Rotate 360 Flexible
Position the target tissue
High Quality 45Mirror Ensure Maximal Beam Trans- mittance( >95%)
1064nm 532nm wavelength
Red Aiming Beam
Adiustable Spot Size Calibration
Korea imported Articular Arm
A: Made of Diamond ensure 100% energy transmission, reflecting the energey dissipation less than 10%, as well as ensure the accuracy of long treatment and easy the operators hand greatly

B: High quality 45° mirror ensure light transmittance up to 93-95%, as well as the professional precision calibratio measurement technology

C: Stainless steel: Rotate 360 degrees easy for Beautician operation
Beautician/Physician benefits
  • The superior laser power allows the removal of targeted pigments effectively
  • The unique adjustable spot-size technology allows the convenience of treatment settings selection
  • There applicators in a set for various treatment protocols
  • Adjustable articulated arm for extra operator's comfort
  • The versatility of high-demand treatments increases ROI
  • Safe and effective treatments even for sensitive skin areas
Pico laser has the following available wavelengths:
532 nm can be used to remove red pigments,
1064 nm is used for removal of black and blue pigments
1320 nm is used for skin resurfacing, also known as Carbon Peeling
In addition to your investment in tattoo removal machines, you'll also receive warranty, free training, free shipping, discounts and our seamless customer service. You are also always welcome to come and see a mockup in the showroom.
Before delivery, we have hundreds of testing items, all machines will be checked and reported, then get packaged, to make sure everything works good after customer received it
3. What is the warranty policy of the equipment?
We offer a 1-years warranty for machine host,6 months warranty for spare parts and lifetime technical support. we have a professional after-sales service department to help you within 24 hours.
4.What certificates do the products have?
We currently have CE/ROHS/ISO/brand/patent certificates, Also we can help you for certificates applications.
5. For the payment
we support Bank transfer and Credit card, may I know which one is convenien for you? You can provide us the detailed shipping address to make the invoice for you.
6. About delivery
The recommended express delivery is DHL and TNT, both of which are door-to-door services. We will send you the shipping bill number after it comes out, and then you only need to wait for the delivery at home.
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