Extracorporeal magneto transduction therapy(EMTT) FIELD INTENSITY UP 30%,  Due to the high oscillation frequency, high penetration depths and a wide range of indications can be achieved。opens up new possibilities in regeneration and rehabilitation. 
EMTT and Near infrared spectroscopy can be treated separately or combined together. The combination of the two can improve the treatment effect and shorten the healing and repair time.
How does pulse electromagnetic therapy work?
uses magnetic fields that have no thermal effect and are pain free,EMTT has a much higher oscillation and a greater treatment depth of up to 18cm. The circular shape of the EMTT handpiece allows the device to produce a magnetic field with greater amplitude and therefore a greater treatment depth and width, ideal for widespread pain therapy.

Near infrared spectroscopy. It is a spectrum that can penetrate deep into the muscle tissues. Good therapeutic effect can be obtained from infrared irradiation.
Near infrared spectroscopy. 
lnfrared radiation is widely used as apre-treatment before post-isometric relaxation andmuscle stretching, joint mobilization. Congestion andincrease in skin temperature improve its electricalconductivity