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Oxygen Jet Peel Machine with Bio Microcurrent And PDT SPA19

Function: Skin rejuvenation, Skin whitening, Wrinkle removal
Certification: CE
Warranty: 1 year

  • SPA19
  • Bomeitong

1. Theory: Oxygen jet peel, LED PDT, BIO microcurrent

2. Air supply: Build-in air supply

3. Jet Speed: >250m/s

4. Micro current frequency: 1Khz.

5. Micro Voltage: <40VPP

6. PDT Wavelength: Red=630nm, Yellow=590nm, Blue=415nm, Red=630nm,Infrared=830nm

7. PDT Energy: ≤100mJ/cm2

oxygen jet peel machineoxygen jet peel machine treatment parts

1)Main Machine:

a)Air system:Build in a unique and stable air system.With stable output , and will not affect by external factors ( like voltage etc.),it will protect the parts inside the machine and extend it’s life.

b)High-speed water ion system : Water ion known as “ air vitamins “ , can active the cell ,improve the allergic cortex , strength the skin resistance and so on.

c)Two control system for solutions.

d)Microcurrent: 1Khz ,40V efficient output system.

e)Four kinds of different wavelengths cold light physicotheray system.830nm red light is good for activity our cells. Unique spot focusing lens , effectively reducing the loss of light energy , makes the light fully active on our skin.

2)Jet peel 

a)Ergonomic design ,reducing the operator’s fatigue after long-time use.

b)Atomization uniform ,diameter of water ion is <=50μm.

c)Fast plug structure , easy to install.


a)Ergonomic design, reducing the operator’s fatigue after long-time use.

b)Insulated plastic handle, more safer.

c)304 stainless steel tips, anti-cosmetic corrosion.

4) PDT light

a)Ergonomic arc design.

b)360 degree rotation, can adjust the height as you want.

c) Spectrum focusing lens, reducing the loss of light energy.

oxygen jet peel machine handle

Jet peel

Pressurized oxygen accelerates a jet of micro droplets and the micro jet is used to gently and    

painlessly cleanse and exfoliate your skin ,The jet delivers moisture , vitamins and nutrients into

your skin without ever touching it and without needles. Deeply jet from the epidermis to dermis

layer through the skin pores and skin cracks , activity our cells , more fast and directly to provide the

nutrients to our skin. Remove the dirty from the skin. So as to effectively eliminate the skin dumb

yellow, dark,chloasma, rejuvenation, and wrinkle removal. 


    a) Acne removal :Pressurized oxygen accelerates a jet of micro droplets and the micro jet is used

        to gently and painlessly cleanse and exfoliate your skin  , easy remove the acne , after cleaning our skin and leading nutrients to skin , it can improve the oil skin makes the acne no chance to rebound. 

     b) Scare repair :  pressurized water and oxygen directly jet the scar , can activity the dead cells , and promote the regeneration of collagen , can provide the needed nutrients for the scar , so it can be repaired. 

     c) Face lifting : When the high pressure jet to face , it can stimulate the skin blood circulation and fibrous tissue regeneration , increase cell metabolism , to makes the adipose tissue reduced , increased flexibility.  


a) Remove acne and acne prints

b) Remove chloasma

c) Improve the dark skin and face lifting

d) Improve yellow skin , remove blackhead and scars

e) Deep cleaning and toning skin

f) Whitening and rejuvenation

g) Improve allergy skin ,remove the wrinkle around eyes and mouth , moisture.

h) Improve the oiled skin , dark circles , eyes bags ,get rid of skin fatigue

oxygen jet peel machine bio

Micro current 

Micro current , also said BIO , it is a kind of excellent micro current simulation of human body micro-electricity. The function is return the damaged cell back to normally state, maintain normally cell metabolism and circulation, improve the ability of damaged cells to repair, improve the aging cells back to activity state. The effect is wrinkle removal, skin tight, face lifting, sensitive repaired, eyes bags and dark circles removal etc. Micro current is directly working from our skin to cells, balanced the cell membrane value, active the cells maintain normal cell metabolism and circulation; By setting different specifications, it can training the skin by levels, bring the nutrients and water to very layers, fast the water kept ability of our skin, makes it better and improved. Also it can passive training every muscle.


Theory and effect

a) Skin tightening , shrink pores , remove the wrinkle , get a charge to our skin ,makes it more healthy.

b) Face lifting ,remove the double chin , regrowth the collagen , return back the elastic and tight, 

    active the subcutaneous to decomposition and burning the fat cells.

c) Active the collagen cells ,extend the elastic and smooth it, make skin whitening and wrinkle


d) Dilute the neck ,eyes bags , stimulate the immediate contraction of subcutaneous collagen.


a) Dilute the wrinkle around eyes

b) Facial wrinkle removal and facial tightening

c)Forehead wrinkle removal and tightening

d)Nasolabial folds improve

e)Neck wrinkle removal and tightening

f)Legs skin tightening

g)Hand wrinkle remove and arm tightening

h)Chest tightening and lifting , back skin tightening

oxygen jet peel machine pdt

PDT led light 

PDT light is a kind of low-energy cold and pure light , which can be irradiated on our skin,

proliferated tissue firbroblast, reconstruction the dermal collagen , makes skin more smooth and

elastic. The function of PDT light is skin whitening, skin rejuvenation, repairing and

anti-oxidation.Cold light can accelerated the growth of cell, speed up the blood circulation, 

stimulated skin to produce the collagen, increase the skin elasticity, Good for repair the skin, acne

skin, dilute the spots , skin tightening  ease the sun burns etc. 

Theory and functions

a) Red light :red light can be choose absorbed by organization of pigments and blood vessels , makes skin whitening , skin rejuvenation , dermal spot remove , blood vessels remove , color printing remove , reduce the scar and damage skin repaired.

b) Yellow light :it can improve the alternating function of cell oxygen , stimulate the micro-circulation , destroy the pigmentation , promote the lymphatic drainage , improve skin roughness , erythema , poor circulation , promote glandular effect.

c) Blue light :effectively inhibit inflammation  , died propionibacter , reduce acne production ,acne removal.

d)Infrared light: is a light that can penetrate the skin and subcutaneous tissue. which can regrowth the collagen and restructure the reorganization, causing resonance of body cells and molecules, and then can be absorbed. After the friction between molecules of the resonance, the temperature under skin will be up , makes the microvascular dilatation and accelerate blood circulation, it is good to remove the harmful from the blood vessels, cleaning the obstacle of metabolic, re-organization resurrection, promote enzyme production, so it can active the cells, and prevent aging and can strength the immune system. Infrared light can light through our scalp, makes it disinfection and dredge hair holes, to reach the hair regrowth result.


a)Dilute pigmentation , reduce skin damage from sunshine

b)Acne treatment , improve acne print , folliculitis

c)Reduce erythema and telangiectasia and angiotelectasis

d)Improve the rough skin and poor metabolism , poor circulation skin , dark skin and dull skin

e) Eliminate fatigue , relieve stress , improve sleeping

f) Inhibition of dandruff , prevent hairloss by hair follicle degeneration

g)Repaired the damage skin

h)Anti-aging , rejuvenation

i)Improve lymph circulation

j)Reduce fine lines , wrinkles stretch marks

k)Repair skin trauma caused by laser treatment

l)Speed the absorb of skin care products

oxygen jet peel machine displayoxygen jet peel machine backoxygen jet peel machine real pictureoxygen jet peel machine effects

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