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Laser skin resurfacing Rejuvenation Machine-BMFR08
Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing System, with 4working modes as Pulse, Scanning, Ultra Pulse and Continuous, can dovarious of high-demanded laser treatment safely and effectively, specially foraesthetic surgery and dermatology.
Four Scanners enable more options for treatment.
Four working modes (Fractional, CW Pulse, Ultra Pulse) ensure more wide use in different surgery
Special designed energy self-inspected and energy-replenishment system, improving the stability and effect.
Multi-safety protection: water, electric remote interlock warning alarm.
Laser anti-leak design; enhances the operator and client safety.
Whole low voltage system: no electric danger and no electric radiation
Green guiding light makes operation vision clearer.
-Fractional CO2 Laser All thanks to the super fast and accurate scanner, results are ready in few minutes.-
Wrinkles removal
How does it work?