Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine Made in Germany

Function: Permanent diode laser hair removal
Wavelength: 808nm or 755/ 1064/ 808nm
Certification: CE ISO FDA
Warranty: 1 year
Customized service: OEM, ODM, LOGO
  • BM205

  • Bomeitong


Our state-of-the-art diode laser hair removal machine features an Android screen and a handheld touch screen for easy operation. But what really sets us apart is our painless, permanent hair removal and skin rejuvenation capabilities.

Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine with FDA

Why choose our diode laser hair removal machine?

1.Smart Android system to meet your diverse needs for office and entertainment, system cloud upgrade

2.755 808 1064nm wavelength for hair removal for all skin types and hair types

3. ETC cooling system + handle sapphire to ensure the cooling of the tip to 4 and -4℃, providing safe, effective and comfortable treatment for the skin

4. High-power target bars imported from the United States

5. Water pump imported from Germany: greater water flow for better cooling and longer machine life

6. 15*15 15*25mm large spot size for fast treatment

Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine with FDA

Working Theory

Laser hair removal machine is based on selective solar-thermal dynamics, through adjusting the wavelength, energy and pulse width of the laser through the skin to the hair root hair follicles, the heat energy is absorbed and break down the follicle tissue, making hair regeneration.The system of quick freezing point hair removal apply for refrigeration protection,It can make the temperature up to -5℃,It solves a lot difficulties.At the same time , it is safe, quick and permanent technology.

Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine with FDA

3 wavelengths, best result for all skin types and all hair types

755nm offers more powerful energy absorption by the melanin chromophore, making it ideal for light colored and thin hair. It targets the Bulge of the hair follicle and is especially effective for superficially embedded hair.

808nm is classic wavelength in laser hair removal, the 808nm wavelength, offers deep penetration of the hair follicle with high average power,suitable for most skin types and hair types .

1064nm wavelength is characterized by lower melanin absorption, making it a focused solution for darker skin types.At the same

time, the 1064nm offers the deepest penetration of the hair follicle.

Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine with FDA

Plug socket

1. Simple operation

2. High quality: the maximum support long pulse output current can reach 120A, the peak current is 200A, full coverage of beauty products

3. Strong versatility: There are many types of functions, and the gas path and non-gas path can be switched freely

4. Good practicability: beautiful and light, no need to forcefully plug in and out, only need to rotate and lock, which reduces the difficulty of installation for customers

Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine with FDA

Long lifetime guarantee for laser bar

the target strip luminescence detection, uniformity, to ensure the treatment effect

Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine with FDA

Our advantage:

1. Customer management system intelligent storage

Real-time viewing of usage records and customer parameters, the customer management system is powerful.

2. System online upgrade, permanent latest system

The software supports OTA air upgrade, based on cloud sharing technology, realizes intelligent parameter sharing, new functions and new extended hardware are updated synchronously.

3. The hand tool has dual screens and dual controls, automatic identification, ultra-light

Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine with FDA

Laser Hair Removal Machine Technique Features:

1. Ion filter (international standard)

Ensure that the water is clean and the target is safe. The strict water filtration system can effectively filter the water>5μm impurities; prevent water blockage, affect heat dissipation and burn the target.

2. DC diaphragm pump (German brand)

Germany imported pumps with low noise, stable water flow, can maintain 4.5-5Lmin for a long time, long working life, and can work continuously for more than 3,000 hours.

3. TEC radiator is also called condenser (imported from Japan)

Using the international standard SUS316 stainless steel, it is currently the best refrigeration system for laser hair removal equipment in China. The handle crystal can freeze in 30 seconds, and it can make the machine work continuously for 24 hours.

4. Copper heat sink

Long-term work, to ensure clean water, our company's heat dissipation row is thicker copper heat sink, cooling speed, good cooling effect, is the best of all types of heat sink. Palladium strips have very high water quality requirements. The copper heat sinks the stainless steel water channel, which is resistant to high temperature and corrosion. It can keep the water clean for a long time.

Place of Origin China

Model Number BM204
Type 808nm diode laser machine
Brand Name Bomeitong
Certification ce
Feature Painless permanent hair removal and skin rejuvenation
Application For Commercial
After-sales Service Provided Online support, Video technical support
Warranty 1 Year
Treatment area Body, Face
handles 1 handles
Service OEM/ODM
Watts 720W
Spot 15*15mm/ 15*20mm
Touch screen Android color touch screen
Energy Density 10-120J/CM2
Frequency 1-10hz
Pulse width 10-300ms/duty cycle 30%
Cooling system Water cooling, air cooling, TEC cooling
Voltage 110V/220V(50/60hz)

Buy Best Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine

Buy Best Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine

Regional Agent


1. Source factory direct supply price, reduce purchase costs.

2. Support logo multiple  replacement.

3. Eight languages and custom language.

4. Support rental function.

5. Handle and machine lighting count function.

6. Online technical training and visiting training.

7. Industry-leading R&D level, 12 senior R&D personnel.

Buy Best Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine

Strict Quality inspection Process

All product inspection processes exceed 93 processes

Fast After-sales service

Photo communication no more than 2 times

Solve the problem no more than 48 hours

Furthermore, our product is available at a factory price, making it affordable for anyone looking for a reliable and efficient hair removal solution.

We believe that our Laser Hair Removal Machine will exceed your expectations, and we would love to have the opportunity to demonstrate its effectiveness firsthand. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our product, please do not hesitate to contact us.