Cryo + shockwave machine 2020 new Technology

2 in 1 effect, and the results are immediately visible and long lasting

Physical therapist are looking for cellulite machine

Shock Wave therapy Machine, it is not can be used for joints pain relief, but also treatment for ED. Erectile dysfunction is a problem that affects 50% of men over the age of 40. However, men of any age can experience erection problems, and this condition is becoming more and more common.  The treatment of erectile dysfunction has advanced in recent decades and currently there are many medical alternatives available. One new technique in use today is known as “Shock Wave Therapy”, and has shown very positive results with no down time. The treatment is not painful and requires no medication.
Treatment areas: shoulder, wrist, elbow, lumbar region, hip, fat broken, pubic symphysis, ankie, knee...

After shockwave can lose 36% fat

Combine of Shockwave and Cryolipolysis, the combination of the two makes the weight loss more effective.
It has been clinically proven that cryo can reduce fat by 26% in one course of treatment. And with the shock wave treatment, the weight loss effect is increased by 33%.

How to use?

First, use shock wave or cryo, depending on the fat status of the customer. Cellulite or hard fat, use shock wave firstly to soften the fat;

then, use cryo function, and final step, to use shock wave again . Soft fat, use the cryo first, then the shock wave.
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