Cost of An Extra Corporeal Focused Shockwave Therapy Machine

Function:pain treatment,plantar fasciitis,heel pain
Certification: CE
Warranty: 3 year
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  • SW8
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1. Feature: treat all joints

2.Theory: pneumatic Shockwave therapy treatment  

3. Application: Medical use, clinic use

4. Working head: 5 working head for different joints

5. Voltage: AC100V~240V/47~63Hz

6. N.W: 8Kg

7. Size(cm): 38.8*30.4*31


Focused shockwave therapy machine is a new treatment modality,although it has appeared in the eighty's of last century,But after nearly 30 years of improvement,extracorporeal shock wave therapy equipment has been an unprecedented improvement. treats a variety of conditions using shock waves, or Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy, outside the body. The treatment is non-surgical and non-invasive. This quick, effective procedure harnesses intense but very short energy waves to heal many chronic painful orthopedic conditions.


focused shockwave therapy machine

Treatment feature

Focused shockwave therapy machine apply features of SW8, frequency 1-16Hz, enable to reach to 8cm subcutaneously, to apply on Periosteal and create heat,instant temperature reach to 43℃,at the same time,improve blood circulation.  shock wave therapy machine diminishes pain by over-stimulating the nerves that send pain sensations to the brain.

focused shockwave therapy machine principle

focused shockwave therapy machine effect

focused shockwave therapy machine treatment part


Painful irritation of the achilles tendon

2.Painful trigger points

Acute and chronic pain in the back,shoulder,neck,etc.due to permanently shortened and thickened muscles

3.Shoulder pain with or without calcification;

Painful limitation of shoulder movement

4.Painful heel

Painful,mostly chronic inflammation of the heel

5.Acupuncture points

Pain therapy through that treatment of acupuncture points

6.Golfer's elbow

Painful inflammation of the tendon attachment on the medial elbow

7.Bursitis trochanterica

Painful periostitis of the hip

8.Tennis elbow

Painful inflammation of the tendon attachment on the lateral elbow 

focused shockwave therapy machine feature

focused shockwave therapy machine display

Treatment Effect

Focused shockwave therapy machine works by delivering impulses of energy, targeted to specific damaged tissues. The impulses are delivered through the skin as a shockwave that spreads inside the injured tissue as an aspherical ‘radial' wave. The shockwave is delivered to the tissue via a compressed air impulse exerted by the hand piece of the machine. 

The treatment then initiates an inflammation-like process in the tissue that is being treated. The body responds by increasing the blood circulation and metabolism at the treatment area which in turn accelerates the body’s own healing processes. This increase in the blood flow within the affected area, stimulates cell regeneration and healing, and decreases local factors which can cause pain. The shockwaves break down injured tissue and calcifications.

focused shockwave therapy machine customer experience



Q:How Long Does Treatment Last?


A:The therapy session takes about 15 minutes depending on the disorder that is treated. In general, 3-5 sessions are necessary at weekly intervals. The greatest success rate when dealing with problem areas is achieved by following a 12 week treatment program.


After only 3 sessions, over 80% of patients report painlessness or significant pain reduction. This pain reduction/elimination leads to restoration of full mobility and thus improving quality of life. Repeated treatments may enhance efficacy.

• 90% improvement for plantar fasciitis (Journal of Orthopaedics Research 2005)

• 91% improvement for calcific tendonitis (Journal of American Medical Association 2003)

• 77% improvement for tennis elbow (Journal of Orthopaedics 2005)


Q:What shock wave can be treated by ?

A:Shock wave therapy machine can effectively treat a range of musculoskeletal conditions. Complaints involving attachment points for tendons and ligaments in major joints such as the plantar fascia, Achilles tendon, shoulder, elbow and knee are common areas for shock wave treatment. Contact us to discuss your individual condition.


Q:What signs indicate this therapy is needed?

A:Shock wave therapy may treat conditions such as degenerated tendons (Achilles tendonitis), heel pain (plantar fasciitis) and tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis).

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