Laser Hair Removal Machine for in Cyprus

Function: Permanent hair removal,skin rejuvenation
Certification: CE
Warranty: 3 year
Customized service: OEM, ODM, LOGO
  • BM107

  • Bomeitong


1. Technology: laser hair removal machine

2. Wavelength: 808nm

3. Function: permanent hair removal, body skin rejuvenation

4. Features: Suitable for all hair and skin color, permanent hair removal, fast operation, painless

5. Application mode: long sweep, short sweep, stamping

6. Pulse duration: 15-400ms

7. Output power: 2000W

8. Spot size (mm): 15*15 15*20 15*30 15*40 selectable

9. Cooling system: double TEC refrigeration + German imported diaphragm pump

10. Touch screen handle, the world's first, dual image operation

laser hair removal machine for in cyprus

Instrument principle

  The BM107 is a type of semiconductor laser hair removal device. It adopts high-energy continuous semiconductor laser to realize the transformation of electricity, light and heat energy, and completes the treatment of diseases. It is a laser treatment product integrating laser technology, electronic technology, computer technology and medical technology.


laser hair removal machine for in cyprus

Treatment Features

  1. The most common areas of touch and de-processing include bikini lines, back, legs, armpits, etc.

  2. Excellent skin cooling capacity up to -10 ° C for improved patient comfort during treatment

  3. The special pyramid-shaped treatment tip makes it easier for the operator to access treatment areas that are often difficult to reach.

laser hair removal machine for in cyprus

Instrument function

Performance and ultra-modern features are streamlined into state-of-the-art laser sapphire systems designed to seamlessly integrate into any bright and professional salon, spa, clinic or practice environment. For full and permanent hair removal, Laser Sapphire is a new gem for high-tech hair removal solutions, demonstrating a range of dynamic features to ensure conversations are faster, more efficient and more comfortable than ever.

laser hair removal machine for in cyprus

laser hair removal machine for in cyprus

Stable energy comes from: Taiwan Mingwei Power Supply, a diaphragm pump imported from Germany.

1. two air outlets on the left and right; diaphragm pump imported from Germany, silent, fast water flow

2. TEC cooling system for optimal cooling system.

3. Safe and painless:

4. Easy to operate interface:

Automatic intelligent mode design for different preset users of different patients to ensure that safety and efficiency are not affected.