2019 Professional oxygen facial beauty machine 11 work heads G882A-2S

Function: dark circles, pigment removal, skin regeneration, firming, whitening, wrinkle, skin rejuvenation, Breast care
Certification: CE
Warranty: 1 years
  • G882A-2S
  • Bomeitong

1.  Voltage : AC110V / 220V 50-60Hz

2.  RF frequency: 5MHz

3.  Super audio: 1MHz

4.  Oxygen purity: 98%

5.  nput current: ≤8mA handle

6.  Temperature ≤ 8mA handle: 0-5 ° C

7.  Total weight: 75 kg


   This instrument is a collection of eleven commonly used models in the beauty industry, supplemented by essence and combined mode.It also has voice recognition function, convenient and fast, and powerful. Eleven modes include adsorption cleaning, vibration handle, positive and negative ions, Nizi introduction, sonic vibration, cold hammer ice, spray hydration, oxygen rejuvenation, magic oxygen, skin test and smart mirror. combination.



Warning and hazard instructions:

1. When the high-frequency device and the instrument are connected to the same patient at the same time, the electrode position of the instrument may cause burns on the skin tissue of the patient, and may cause damage to the instrument. When using the instrument near a short-wave or microwave device (1m), the instrument may be unstable due to microwave interference.

2. The instrument must be operated by an operating technician. Unauthorized technicians may cause serious consequences such as skin burns.

3. Using electrodes near the chest increases the risk of heart fibrillation. Patients who use medical devices such as pacemakers are life-threatening. It is not recommended to use them beyond the scope.

Contraindications :

1. It is not recommended for people with sensitive skin and severe acne.

2. The part of the customer's skin that has sunburn or burns cannot be used.

3. Skin damage or suppuration should not be used.

4. Those who have a cardiac rhythm, implantable defibrillator or other electromagnetic implantable medical device in their body should not be used.

5. Patients with severe diabetes, high blood pressure and high blood lipids are not recommended.

6. Those with skin infections should not use it.

Personal care after use:

1. If the skin has a thin stratum corneum or a severe red bloodshot of the tibia, it is forbidden to use the absorbing pen;

2. If the skin has a thin stratum corneum or a severe red bloodshot of the tibia, the tibia may be worn when the micro-electric handle is operated, and the time should not be too long;

3. If you feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable after using the instrument, please consult your healthcare provider or seek medical advice as soon as possible.

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